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Both individuals and businesses can transmit contact information quickly and sustainably by using digital business cards. They are more interesting, economical, and environmentally beneficial than conventional physical business cards. Virtual and electronic business cards are other names for digital business cards.

A digital business card can be shared in several ways. Your QR code is the quickest way to hand someone your digital business card in person. You may give someone your digital business card with ViralCard by text message, email, or social media.

A digital version of paper business cards that is simple to share is called Viral Cards. It may include all of your personal data, including (phone number, location, email id, business address). Time is saved. Unlike physical cards that are distributed and thrown away in less than a week, digital visiting cards won’t be misplaced.

Of course! Nowadays, it almost seems as though paper business cards are accepted as a gesture of goodwill but promptly thrown away as soon as we are out of sight of the person who gave them to us. The quality of a person’s business card—fancy graphics, raised text, aluminium construction, etc.—doesn’t appear to matter all that much these days. Why?

Because- “The digital revolution has made paper business cards obsolete”

Everything will be digitalized in the age of information, and smart business cards will soon be available. Unlike conventional business cards, it is unique. With a smart viralcard, which employs QR code technology, all you need is one physical business card in your pocket. Simply scan the QR Code with any smartphone, whether it is an iOS or an Android model. Your company’s contact information, including Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Social Media Accounts, and more, can be saved.

You can have a card for your professional contacts, one for customers or clients, and one for friends by using ViralCard to create different business cards with different information on each card. Unlike other business card programmes, this one allows you to share your card with everyone with just one click. Invaluable is ViralCard. You’ll never be without your business card no matter how slowly you approach your phone or computer. Since everything happens online, you won’t ever have to worry if your supply of cards runs out or if you need to order more. Digital cards are also incredibly flexible.

Selling a digital visiting card is challenging in the email and social media era of today. You might be able to market your unique selling proposition (USP) through online e-commerce platforms.

A professionally designed business card catches the attention and projects a favourable impression of the organisation. The card seems more professional when it has a professional logo, tastefully displayed corporate information, and uses the right brand colours and typography. Customers can recognise a brand thanks to it.

Having a business card shows that you are a serious, professional person. You will come across as unprofessional and unprepared to conduct business if someone asks for your business card and you don’t have one. People send around and trade good business cards with acquaintances and coworkers.

They are all alike! Your digital business card will be made by ViralCard. A QR code will be produced when it is created. Your card will show up when someone scans the QR code with their phone’s camera. The user can then save your contact information in their phone by downloading your ViralCard, which contains your contact information, from this page. It is quick and simple.

Using digital cards has several advantages. A digital business card’s key advantage is that it may be distributed both online and in person. You may even share your business card with everyone, everywhere with some cards, such as ViralCard.