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Viralcard for Individuals lets you design, personalise, and share premium digital business cards.

1. Personalize your business cards
2. High ROI for your business
3. Stay on brand
4. Make an impression

What is an

Professional Viralcard?

It is a premium digital business card plan called ViralCard for Individuals. ViralCard for Individuals contains features like branded QR codes and personalised colours with additional customization choices. Join a yearly plan and take advantage of the benefits.


Custom Branding

Custom Colors
ViralCard Individual lets you create your card with any colour in the rainbow, unlike the free app's limited colour selection. Your digital business cards can be totally customised to best represent your brand thanks to the option to select the general colour of the card, the colour of the icons, and more.


Create unlimited Business Cards

We understand that some individuals require more than four digital business cards due to the variety of roles they play. You can build an unlimited variety of various business card types using ViralCard Individual. Make business cards, networking cards, family cards, cards to send to the parents of your children's friends, and more.


Never Miss an Opportunity to Grow Your Network

  • Keep in touch wherever you are. Even if someone you meet doesn’t have the app, you can still effortlessly share your Viralcard with them.
  • With a digital business card, you can make a strong first impression and stand out. Viralcard is COVID-safe, secure, eco-friendly, and a major topic of conversation with clients.
  • Modern technology is changing how the business world interacts.
  • Viralcard provides a high ROI for your business.

Custom Branding

Branded QR Code
One of the main methods for spreading your business card on ViralCard is by using a QR code. Put your logo in the middle of the QR code so that anytime you share your card, your new connection will immediately recognise your company.

Privacy, Security and Trust

Viralcard takes your privacy seriously. Your Viralcard can only be seen by you and the people you have shared your card with. You can view our Privacy Policy or our Terms & Conditions for more information. Viralcard will never sell or share your data - your details are only shared when you explicitly share them.

All communications between the Viralcard website, our servers and on our internal infrastructure are secured over SSL (i.e. HTTPS). Our SSL certificate was issued by DigiCert, uses signature algorithm SHA256 and is signed with an RSA 2048 bits key. Our security team constantly monitors for security issues and endeavour to patch our infrastructure quickly in all cases.

Frequently Asked Question

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You can share your ViralCard card with anyone, via your QR code, email, text message, and link sharing. Once received, your contact information will be saved.

You can distribute your digital business card in a few different ways. You can text, email, or share the link to your card, but we suggest sharing it via your own QR code. Simply pick the card you’d want to share and choose your favorite sharing option to share it.

On the Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans, branded QR codes are available. We can personalize your QR code once you’ve subscribed for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Sharing social media pages is a great networking tool to maintain your connections.

There are countless options! Your phone number(s), email address(es), any social network handles, company logo, and more can all be added. You can even include a photo on your business card if you subscribe to a digital business card service; it will help you make a good first impression.

Even though everyone has their own preferences, we advise having cards for your side business, employment, networking, and personal use.

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