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Set up your entire team or organization
with enterprise digital business cards.

  1. Set up your team with digital business cards to Increase brand exposure
  2. Gather all of your business contacts in one location
  3. Track and evaluate business interaction
  4. Produce a high return on investment for your company


Business Cards

The best digital business card option is ViralCard. For teams and organisations of any size, we provide professional and individualised digital cards.


Why Digital
Business Cards?

Go without contact
In a post-COVID19 world, paper business cards are no longer appropriate. Digital cards can be easily shared with anybody, anytime, and can be used without physical contact to be germ-free.


Cut expenses
Switch to digital business cards to save money. No need to order new business cards when an employee is promoted or switches teams. You have real-time control over your team's cards with ViralCard for Business, and you can edit or alter them whenever you want.

Eco Friendly

Cut back on your carbon emissions
Each year, more than seven million trees are cut to make paper business cards. (And around 90% of business cards are discarded right away!) Your business is helping to lessen its carbon impact by adopting digital.


Bulk Creation
No matter how big your team gets, we can design an unlimited number of cards. Additionally, ViralCard offers the option of limitless card sharing, which facilitates networking without limitations on card sharing and also safeguards your and your client's privacy.

Business Card Solution

Professional Business Cards

  • Name
  • Accreditations
  • Accreditations
  • Headline
  • Title
  • Title
  • Company
  • Image
  • Logo
  • Contact Imformation
  • Website
  • Social Media

... And more!


The business card that is most reliable and safe.

To your entire organisation, create, manage, and distribute digital business
cards. ViralCard's dynamic features will strengthen your company's brand identification.

Make Business Cards Simpler

Create and supply business cards efficiently.

Provide Timely

Edit employee data for immediate use.

Secure at Scale

Recognize that your contacts and data are safe.

All platforms are supported by ViralCard, and anyone may send and distribute the digital business cards created by your company. Cards can be shared by text, email, or QR code.

ViralCard QR codes can be downloaded and used on any marketing and promotional materials; as long as your card is still active, they will always link back to it.


Personalize cards

Add picture

Social Media

Special Card Colors

Custom QR code

Admin control

Personalize cards

Add picture

Social Media

Special Card Colors

Custom QR code

Admin control

Unlimited card sharing

Sync with Contacts

Numerous contacts

Premium support

Trust Your Data is Secure

Viralcard respects your privacy. Only you and others with whom you have shared your Viralcard can view it. For additional details, please review our Terms & Conditions or our Privacy Policy. Your information is only made public when you voluntarily provide it; Viralcard will never sell or share it.

The Viralcard website, our servers, and our internal infrastructure all use SSL encryption for all communications (i.e. HTTPS). Our DigiCert-issued SSL certificate uses the SHA256 signature process and is encrypted with a 2048-bit RSA key. Our security team continuously scans for security flaws and works to repair our infrastructure as soon as possible in any situation.

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